Top 4 Types Of Sports That Can Be Played

Sports Played By Persons

A person plays sports in various types. In a sports event like Olympic, you can find a long list of it, and this shows the diverse and extensive field of games.

Play sports with the intention of fun and entertainment. It also offers various benefits which we can follow in all the aspects of our life. Games are a competition which teaches us to support multiple rules and regulation which each player should follow.  Sports teach us valuable lessons in life as to how one should play in a team and the team spirit. You can play games in schools or college in your free time. Even at home, you can play at your leisure. They help in refreshing your mind and gives you new energy to carry your day to day activities well.

Continue reading the article to know about the different types of games and increase your knowledge. Some people consider Chess or Poker games as a sport as one uses the brain and not the body.

Different Types Of Sports –

Mentioned below are the different types of games played physically:-

Ball Games –

Hockey played all over the world is one of the best ball sports

Top 4 Types Of Sports That Can Be Played

It is a type of sport involving the use of balls. There are three categories of this sport, namely the ball only, ball and a stick or bat and ball over the net. Basketball, soccer or football, bowling, football, paddleball, handball and table tennis are some of the classifications of the ball only.

In Basketball, golf, field hockey, lacrosse, billiards, and softball uses the ball and the bat. In tennis, badminton, water polo, pickleball, and volleyball game the ball, is played over the net.

Combat And Strength Game –

Boxing is one of the best combat and strength sports
Top 4 Types Of Sports That Can Be Played

These games involve strength and fighting. Bodybuilding, weightlifting, etc. are examples of games in which power is used.

Boxing, wrestling, ultimate fighting are examples of combat games and karate, Jujutsu, Karate and taekwondo are examples of the ancient martial arts. Kendo and fencing are the combat games that allow and use weapons.

Most of these games are the Olympic Games, and they have their importance.

Endurance And Track Game –

Endurance and track games played in the open field. Biking and running forms duathlon, skiing, and shooting forms biathlon endurance game. Swimming, biking, and racing forms the triathlon are some of the examples of endurance. Examples of decathlon endurance are running, long jump and high jump, hurdling, throwing including discus throw, javelin throw and shot put.

Some of the games included in the track are Sprints, long jump and high jump, relays, javelin throw, discus throw, and pole vault, Marathons. Some of the other track games include BMX, road cycling, mountain biking, and cyclocross.

Water, Snow And Ice Sports –

Swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, wakeboarding, surfing, sailing, and rowing are some of the examples of water games. Some of the games played on ice are figure skating, ice hockey, speed skating, and curling.
Examples of games played in the snow are skiing, snowboarding, sledding, skeleton, bobsleigh, and ski bobbling.

Hence, you might have been convinced, about the different types of games and all of them are diverse and extensive fields.

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