Top 4 Types of DIY Outdoor Fitness Equipment

DIY Outdoor fitness equipment

You can make DIY Outdoor fitness equipment and build your gym at home. Preparing your material will enable you to do your exercise in the comfort zone of your home.

Getting a gym membership is costly, and you may find it overcrowded. The gym equipment is usually heavy and awkward to move. With a little effort, you can build your gym equipment that need not be difficult.

DIY outdoor fitness types of equipment are robust, adjustable, and easy to assemble and disassemble. These equipment are easy to build, and you need not be suitable in the gym.

Various Types Of DIY Outdoor Fitness Equipment –

With your creative ideas, you can make yourself gears using Kee Klamps.

DIY Outdoor Fitness Equipment: Homemade Dip Station –

DIY Outdoor fitness equipment: Homemade Dip station
DIY Outdoor fitness equipment: Homemade Dip station

Erik in New York built this DIY dip station. Make use of 2x4s frames in the construction and to create dip station Kee Klamp fittings and pipe.  In a circular grove cut, the bars rest on the horizontal wood supports. Use of wood boards collar fitting makes the pipe bars to move around continuously. The accessories further enable to slide over the pipe bars, and there is a lock which prevents the pipe bar from sliding. You can find three horizontal pipe bars on the top of the dip station. Additional support provided to the structure enables you to do pull-ups with ease. Use of Flange fitting is done to connect the pipe bars.

Pipe Pull-Up Bar –

Pipe Pull-Up Bar built by Charles Rankin to maintain a record the number of chin-ups completed in 24 hours. An utterly free-standing bar which enables the person to do complete pull-ups or chin-ups. This bar can be quickly built up, and one of the advantages is that it allows increasing the height as per your height. Assembling and disassembling of this pipe bar is very easy. 

DIY Outdoor Fitness Equipment: Pipe Squat Rack –

 DIY Outdoor fitness equipment: Pipe Squat
DIY Outdoor fitness equipment: Pipe Squat

In any gym, the squat rack is the essential workhorse. These squat racks or cages are quite expensive in the market and found in gym centers and moving from one place to another is very difficult. You can, however, build the squat racks with the help of Kee Klamp fitting. The squat rack structure built with Kee Klamps is natural in assembling and disassembling. You need to keep in mind specific essential accessories. The side outlet elbow connects the four sides, and this forms the top of the frame. The single swivel socket gives support to each corner. Lastly, with the use of flange fitting the fleet of the rack is made.

DIY Pipe Gymnastics Bar –

The great advantage of Pipe Gymnastics bar is that the height of the bar is adjustable easily. With the help of the set screw, you can adjust each side of the gymnastics bar. You can quickly increase or decrease the height as per the need and easily exercise on this bar. A child too uses this bar as per his height, skills, and ability.

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