Top 4 Kinds Of Tennis Ball

Top 4 Kinds Of Tennis Ball

The game of tennis is widespread and needs a tennis ball to play. Selecting the best shot is essential. All of us spend a lot of our time in choosing the perfect shoes, perfect apparel, right tennis racket, classy wristwatch, or even a sports bottle to fit your outfit.

Kinds Of Tennis Ball –

You might be surprised to know that there are various kinds of tennis ball. The ball we all use to play the game is entirely different from the one which is used to represent the professional matches.

Types Of Tennis Ball –

Only a professional will be able to find out the quality of it and help you in investing money in high quality of tennis ball. There are various types of shots, and this article will help you in knowing the different kinds of football. Mentioned below are some examples of tennis balls:-

1. Regular Duty Balls –

They are thinner, and the covering is smoother and is less fuzzy. They are also known as soft-court balls as only in clay court the ball is played. The clay flooring will absorb most of the impact of the ball, and this helps in reducing the speed of the ball.

Training to Beginners –

While training to beginners, mostly clay surface is used to teach them. The clay residue does not stick to the ball while playing the game.

2. Pressurized Balls –

Top 4 Kinds Of Tennis Ball
Top 4 Kinds Of Tennis Ball

The ball gives a better gameplay experience to the player. In the spherical area of the ball, more pressure is packed, and this makes them stiffer.

Features Of The Ball –

These features of the ball make it bounce higher than a regular ball. Once the ball is out of the can, they are not durable and hence do not last for long. It is better to stick to other types of balls.

3. Non-Pressurised Balls –

For the first 25-30 games, the ball gives an enjoyable gameplay experience to the player. Later the ball starts decaying, and you will not be inclined to play more with it.

Durable Ball –

But if you are looking for a durable ball for your consecutive games, then it is best to have a non-pressurized ball. They have more extended durability than the pressurized ball, and you do not have to replace them regularly.

4. Beginner Balls –

 You can find balls to meet the needs of players of all skills.

A player new to the tennis game, play with it to develop his skills.  The players master the basic technique of the game, and they can play slowly. These are available in three varieties:

–    Red: 

For playing mini tennis, the ball is made to meet the needs of children.

–    Orange:

Top 4 Kinds Of Tennis Ball
Top 4 Kinds Of Tennis Ball

The player plays with an orange ball after they have mastered the red ball. The length of the court for the game is three-fourth so that players can play perfectly.

–    Green:

Regular tennis ball looks the same as the Green one but is slower than the professional ball.

Select And Invest In The Correct Ball –

You can find various kinds of tennis ball on the market. When you are going to invest in the tennis ball, check your skill level and the court where you are going to play and choose the perfect ball.

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