Football Helmets

Kinds of Football Helmet

Football Helmet was worn by people while playing football. People wear a helmet while biking, skiing, and playing or doing other activities that can lead to head injury. Helmets prevent the head from getting injured from cuts and skull fractures. Wear the helmet while doing any playing or doing any activity where you might have a chance of hitting the head against something like the ground, the tree, or another person.

Of course, there is the fact that no helmet can prevent concussions. No one can avoid the brain from moving inside the skull. If your head gets hit hard enough, then nothing can stop your mind from banging into the hard bone causing concussions.

Top 4 Different Kinds Of Football Helmets:

Mentioned below are the different types of football helmets:-

Riddel SpeedFlex Adult Helmet With Facemask

Top 4 Different Kinds Of Football Helmets
Top 4 Different Kinds Of Football Helmets

The Riddel SpeedFlex Adult Football Helmet is a perfect helmet with the look and functionality similar to the ones the pros wear and is excellent wear for an adult football player. This helmet is one of the top brands in football helmets and is available in various sizes and features a classic design. Though the price of this helmet is more yet it is safe and comfortable fit.

Xenith Varsity X2E+ Football Helmet

This helmet uses Standard material and durable polycarbonate shell. Use the principle of the suspension system for the smooth movement of the rotations and shock absorptions. The mask has features of X2E+ shock absorbers on the linear forces which help in protecting your head against all kinds of impact. Black, silver, gold, and blue are some of the colors in which this helmet is available. The mask uses FitBand technology, and this provides a design for your head size. The helmet is of high-quality, budget-friendly and has TPU and CN comfort pads.

Riddell Youth SpeedFLex Custom Helmet

Youth football helmet
Youth Football Helmet

Usually, the child’s football team recommends them the use of the Riddell Youth SpeedFlex helmet. This helmet has a classy look and includes safety and performance and ensures the success of your child on the field. The security of this helmet is similar to that of the Adult SpeedFlex helmet. The wearer prevented from hits and tackles as the shell and crown quickly absorbs the shock and tackles with the hinge points.

Schutt Youth Recruit Hybrid Football Helmet Having DNA ROPO Mask

Schutt Youth Recruit Hybrid Football Helmet is cheaper than other helmets and provides better cushioning. The helmets give TPU cushioning, which is one of the most advanced for absorbing hits in the market. The soft and flexible pads, easily attached, collected and slowly disperse energy.

Cushioning Of Helmet

Critical crown area there is a hybrid cushion and D30 cushioning on the sides sport. For all the young players, there is a soft liner in the helmet that provides comfort to them. Even after sweaty practices, the mask has its ventilation and padding, which keeps its hygiene. The ABS shell is lightweight and facemask made of steel and protects the mouth.

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