Ankle Strap Gym Fitness Equipment

Ankle Strap Gym Fitness Equipment

Any physical exercise is a great thing to do. It keeps your body fresh and gives you a feeling of happiness and removes all the negatives thoughts away from your mind. Whether you love running or like pouring out your sweat in a gym, you require certain accessories to make the workout streamline and easy for your body. Today what we have in our store for all your gym lovers is an ankle strap, which gives your legs and hips the support they need during a heavyweight centric workout. In these kinds of workouts, your legs and hips are getting the most of the pressure of weight. As a result, they require extra support, so there won’t be any wear or tear of your tissues.

Importance Of Leg Workout For Muscle Gain?

In case you are spending more time doing the bench press in the gym instead of doing legs workout, you are neglecting your lower body. In addition to this, when you train your lower part of the body, you are not only training a lower but increasing the strength of your whole body. Furthermore, it creates a balanced physique.

Helps You Build More Muscle

Testosterone is a hormone that works as a steroid for our body. The human body produces it naturally and helps you in increasing the growth of your muscle mass and strength. Likewise, squats and deadlifts use a more significant part of your muscles present in the body and help you increase your T-levels.

Leg Workout Burn More Calories

Bigger the muscle is you are working on more, and you will be burning your calories. Lets us give you a fact, the largest muscle in your body is in your back. A recent study published in the journal of applied psychology shows that athletes working on compound lifts such as deadlifts and squats are putting more energy in their workout as compared to the other athletes. Meaning there calories are burning at a much faster rate in a limited period.

Lower Body Improves Your heavy Lifts 

Believe it or not, but the lower body and your core are majorly responsible for generating the required to pull for your bench press sets. 

Ankle Strap Gym Fitness Equipment
Ankle Strap Gym Fitness Equipment

Ankle Strap Exercise To Trim And Tighten Your Body

There are a lot of ways from which you can take the benefit of an ankle strap. Given below, we have written some of the workouts you can perform by using these straps.

Cable Lateral Lunges

Cable KickBacks

Likewise, you can do Hip cable Abductors

Cable Hamstring Curls

In addition to this, you can perform weighted leg raises.

Besides that, use these straps to pull weight and perform weighted crunches.

Lastly, Inner Thigh contractions.

You can perform these workouts and many more, keep on working out, and surly your body will get in proper shape, and you will feel the increase in fitness both physically and mentally in your body.

About The Product Ankle Strap Gym Fitness Equipment

It is made from PP, SBR/ Metal Ring with a thickness of 4mm.

The unfloded size of the strap is 46cm x 25cm x 9cm

Size of the paddle rope is 3.8cm/ Metal Ring Size: 2.5cm x 3.2cm

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