8 Top Rules For Track And Field Events

Basic rules of Track and field events

Track and Field is one of the oldest sports played all over the world. Here the contests skills of running, jumping and throwing taken into account. A running track and a grassy field needs for playing this track and field sport. This enables the athlete or the player to throw and do jumping events.

Basic Track And Field Rules

In track and field events, the participants follow safe and secure rules while racing. There may be some of the complex rules and rule books in some of the track and field events. In some of the primary activities like long-distance running, there are a few rules which every participant must follow. If a participant does not support the basic track and field rules, then they are automatically disqualified from the game.

Rules For Track And Field Events –

Participants need to follow the rules of track and field to remain qualified in the game. Read carefully to know about the rules:-

Basic Start & Finish Rules –

Basic rules of Track and field events
Basic Start and Finish Rules

The aim of designing the track and field rules enable the spectators, and the competitors a clear view of when the race will start and finish. Every racer receives an individual starting line in case of sprinters and distance runner.

In some cases, to provide for additional circumference on the track, lanes are specified. In case of short sprints, the racer can quickly line up at the same point on the trail. There is a starting line for all runners, and no one can cross it till a starter gun is fired out. At the finishing line, you can see a mark on the ground or see a piece of ribbon or tape tied at the endpoint. The winner is the racer who reaches the endpoint first.

Basic Relay Race Rules –

Basic rules of Track and field events
Basic Relay Base Rules

One of the top basic relay rules is that the racer during their races can use only one type of baton. Thus, during the race, the runner cannot place any grip tape or foreign material on the stick to avoid unfair advantage. Racers found violating the rules cannot play the game. The second rule is the method in which racers receives the baton from other runners. The athlete picks the dropped baton proceeds with the race. At an unofficial point, on the race track, if you grab the baton from a racer, then you will be disqualified by your team.

Basic Shot Put Rules –

Shot put is one of the track and field events where the player throws a heavy metal ball to a far distance. The in-charge of the game maintains a record of the distance of the throw. Comparision of this distance, done with other players. The Shotput ball for a man must weigh 16lbs, and for a female, it weighs about 8.8 lbs.

Rules To Follow –

The rule of the game is to keep the Shot-put ball against your neck and to push it away from your body using one hand only. Competitors should stand in a circle with a radius of 7-foot, and none of them can cross it while playing the game. Any player who crosses the line will be disqualified from the match immediately.

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